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Izah is a young Spanish singer and songwriter. Born in Manchester but raised in Barcelona, her first steps in the music industry began in late 2013 with the release of her first EP ‘IzahBlues’ (Little Red Corvette Records).
A five-track album that mixed contemporary R&B, classic Soul and Jazz music. Mostly in Spanish except for the main single ‘One More Day’, she was quickly announced by national media as the ‘Spanish Soul Queen’ (Playground Magazine) or the ‘New Soul Princess’ (El Periódico). One More Day’s videoclip was recommended during the whole moth of December 2013 by MTV Spain, ‘A.Cér.Ca.Te’ became ‘Súper Sol’ video in Sol Música TV and the album was ranked in the Top 10 most relevant national albums by Playground Magazine (number 1 in SoulSpain). This took her to some of the most relevant festivals in the country, such as the Black Music Festival in Girona, Cruïlla festival in Barcelona, Mas i Mas Festival also in Barcelona where she opened for Aloe Blacc in the renowned theatre Palau de la Música and Say It Loud Festival being lead artist together with Myles Sanko.

Later in December 2014 she released a joy venture album called ‘ Mindland’ (Little Red Corvette Records) with the duo of Hip Hop producers RCA Flacos. An experimental EP that travels from jazz, soul and funk to hip hop. This underground-oriented project received great reviews and opened a new window in Izah’s musical evolution into electro- soul sounds. Her live performances were described by national newspaper La Vanguardia, as ‘A truly neo soul diva that combines vanguard and Soul’. She also performed at the last edition of Hipnotik Festival in Barcelona amongst other top Spanish artists like Fyahbwoy, Sho-Hai and the french Birdy Nam Nam.

It is in May 2015 that Izah releases her first LP album, ‘Now or Never’ (Little Red Corvette Records). Eleven original tracks of contemporary Soul music with a 90’s R&B aroma in which Izah has composed both melody and lyrics. The album has received remarkable national and international media attention and great reviews, making it today’s most solid piece of national soul music. (‘Izah compares to a split-open bud perfect flower, which aroma stupefies consciousness’, Muzoic). Now or Never’s video was premiered by ‘El País’ and again had remarkable rotation on national musical televisions entering the ‘MTV Hot’ rank during the month of…. The song was also aired on Spanish national musical radio-station M80 and even in specialized British radio-stations as Mi-Soul or Solar Radio.

Recently, Izah has published a maxi album of ‘My Man’ remixes. This second single originally produced by 52nd Street member and founder John Dennison, has been remixed by the legendary Mancunian producers K-Klass, who back in the 90’s worked with Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross, Lisa Stansfield and Whitney Houston.

Izah’s live performances are a reflection of her vision of music. Impossible to lable in a couple of words, the boundaries between genres dissolve, giving her concerts mixed parts of Soul, RnB, Jazz, and Hip Hop sounds. With a band of 6 musicians, most coming from the jazz world, Izah offers a balanced experience with best of both worlds, organic and electronic. Her perfect combination of sweet, sensual and powerful soulful voice, makes Izah belong both in small jazz clubs and big festival stages.


  • Now Or Never
  • Mindland EP



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